Columbian Jewelry

Hi Everyone!  Happy Foodless Friday AND Happy New Year’s Eve too!  Today’s post is very special.  It is about a gorgeous jewelry set I received from my dear aunt and uncle as part of my birthday gift.  My aunt knows how much I love jewelry in general and statement jewelry in particular.  The set that they chose was handmade by a Columbian man who relayed to my aunt the Columbian practice of making jewelry from orange peels and various seeds.

Being a big foodie this was a marriage of my two favorite things.  When I opened the box, I could smell the gift before I even removed the tissue.  It has such a vibrant scent and makes you feel happier just being around it.  The cheery yellow and orange colors add a lot to the happiness factor, too!  Beauty aside, I love that they are handmade and one-of-a-kind.  It’s a special feeling to know that you are wearing something all your own.  Now, I know for sure that there is orange peel on the necklace, and I think that tiny round “beads” are aςai seeds and the large center “bead” on the necklace is a tagua nut.  Either way, they are both gorgeous and I can’t wait to pair it against a black turtleneck now, a bright sundress in the summer and a tan sweater in the fall.  This is one gift I would never dream of regifting!  

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3 thoughts on “Columbian Jewelry

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  2. Wow, your aunt has awesome taste! The earrings are especially cute — I like how the little rolled up pieces of orange peel (that’s what they are, right?) look like tiny cinnamon buns!

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